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The biggest question I get is how does makeup help with confidence? This is how it helped me!

It’s no secret I had no confidence, I was at an all-time low. I didn’t feel pretty, loveable or like I was enough.

It all started one day!

One day my daughter Alyssa was looking at one of my magazines and pointed out the vibrant colors. Alyssa asked Momma, why they so pretty? I told her its makeup, baby! Her response….you a pretty momma, you wear makeup?

At this point I didn’t, I had had allergic reactions the last time I had tried. I really didn’t see the point in it and was going day to day in a ponytail and no makeup. Not even lip balm. Why care for something that no-one else did?

I saw a kit of makeup online and with just the amount in it, figured if I wore it ok, if not she could play with it and I would have done something to make my daughter happy. Now, this kit comes with so much more and is an even greater value. I never expected it to change my life like it did!

What about having skills?

The first time I tried to put makeup on, I swear I pulled a Mimi, but she has more skills than I did

Mimi at least knew to do more than one shade of eyeshadow, mine was just glittery eyeshadow all the way to my brows and forget the brows, seriously I had no clue how to rock them.

I almost gave up right then and there! I mean why bother, I was ugly, worthless.I imagined I needed so much plastic surgery to look like I deserved to be out in public. Looking back I had a form of body dysmorphia, yet until I fixed my mindset that wouldn’t have changed.

What changed?

After the mission was announced to help women that had been sexually abused as children, I became determined to make this business a success and I started by watching tutorials. I started to learn how to hide areas of my face I didn’t care for. Such as the bump in my jaw from where it was broken due to my domestic violence background. I also learned to love my face.

Makeup can be a stepping stone to self-love and self-confidence! It helps us take that time to watch and look at our features in a new light and that is what it did for me!

What about you?

Now how can I help you with this step in your self-confidence journey? I would love to invite you to join our free makeup tutorials and tips group. We cover some great confidence boosters and so much more.


or if you want to try some of the makeup that changed my life, you can shop for it right HERE. I am so proud to represent this company. Because of the quality of the products, the mission and the foundation all in one!


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