When procrastination takes over – what to do

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What do you do when you find yourself procrastinating?

Well, let’s get real, there is both good and bad procrastination. The good procrastination will get your creative juices flowing, a boost of adrenaline and let you get a lot done in a short period of time. So not all procrastination is bad.

However, procrastination will cause stress, overwhelm and just a feeling of not being good enough. So let’s avoid it as much as possible. Here are a few small tips to help you clear away procrastination.

Tip 1: Make Lists

Make lists, but do not make the normal lists of 100 items because it will cause procrastination and overwhelm, instead focus on 10 items that you want to get done. Now pick the three things that have to be done and focus on those first. Checking these off will give you a sense of achievement. Once you have checked all 10 off, add 5 more. Just because you finish your list before 10 am doesn’t mean you can achieve a little bit more.

Tip 2: Just Breathe

Overwhelm from procrastination happens when you get so many things going round in your head you get frustrated. So take a moment and breathe, focus on what you want to achieve and then start over. This is not an excuse to take 5 days off, just a moment can help you get refocused.

Tip 3: Get ahead of your timetable.

If you know you are a procrastinator, plan for it. If you know something has to be done by a certain date, put in on your schedule earlier. For example, I have an event on June 9th, all my planning is scheduled to be completed by June 1st.  Some things I use to help me with this are Alexa, she really can keep you on track with reminders and google calender. I did a training on calender blocking here

But I heard procrastination is saying you are not aligned

ok I want to put this to bed, because I have heard this so much. that procrastination is your brain saving you ect. however, what it is more often  than not is that we put things off because we are scared of what will happen or we just don’t want to do it. We procrastinate our messages because what if they say no, or cleaning the bathroom, because face it…who wants to clean that lol.

When it is truly out of allignment and not right you will feel it on a much deeper level than procrastination.

Get an Accountablity Partner

One of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to link arms with an accountability partner! if you want to join our free mastermind group and find someone to link up with, join here. there will be NO cross recruiting allowed so please do not do this if your whole goal is to recruit that person. Its a quick way to be out of our community


What are you procrastinating about?